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Stanton Sisal

Grand Forest

Sisal rugs are woven from natural plant fibers. Like a jute, coir, or hemp rug, it has properties of durability and resilience that many artificial materials can't provide. Sisal rugs are strong and beautiful, and can be a lasting addition to a living room, bedroom, office, or hallway, because of its unique advantages.

There are many benefits to selecting a sisal area rug over carpets made from synthetic material. Sisal is naturally stain resistant, so you don't need to use any chemical treatments around your pets or children. It also doesn't build up static electricity, as we all know carpet does on dry, windy days. Sisal rugs are also very durable and won't compress or show as many wear patterns as wall-to-wall carpeting.

We carry Stanton as well as other manufacturere so sisal rugs. Today's designs are as eclectic as the homes they are used in.

Shaw Grass Carpet

Johnson Hardwood

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Shaw Indoor/Outdoor

Bruce Hardwood Floors

The transition of modern day patios and porches to full extensions of our homes has created a need for well styled and durable exterior products. Shaw Living is proud to unveil three new collections for Indoor/Outdoor living spaces. Each collection includes its own individual design style and price point. Additionally, each collection features a one-year fiber degradation warranty and is resistant to fading, which could occur with ultraviolet light exposure.




Color your world with the contemporary, marvelously adaptive tone-on-tone shades of ESSENTIALS by Marazzi. The sophisticated color ranges are not just skin-deep; this strong glazed porcelain is designed to out-perform expectations. Indoors and out, commercial and residential, the broad palette of six neutral choices become either subtle backdrops or accents, solely based on individual preference.

Forest Impressions

Forest Impressions' floor / wall duo features slightly structured surfaces entwined with rich, variegated shadings of green, brown and beige. Glittering, reflective glass and metal decos add incandescent beauty. Indoors and out, or somewhere in between, modern consumers can create their own “respite rooms” where entertaining, business, relaxation and living mingle. Ease of maintenance and earth-friendly, allergen-free materials are key components to any space.


Softened, burnished to a lustrous finish, Jade's four natural slate tones are muted, yet retain the effect of distinct clefts, mineral deposits, the sense of layered colors. The satiny gem-like surface is simple to clean, wonderful to walk on barefoot and ideal for both floor and wall applications. Build on this rich stratum with diverse reflective trims of glass, metal or stone to customize any setting from rustic to sophisticated.


Understated elegance with a sense of strength underlies Saturnia's soft, warm, gentle colors. Intricate niches and indentations look like they were randomly formed by the earth's internal forces. The thick body structure imparts a boldness, a massiveness while the mosaics lend a playful personal touch.

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